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language development

Language courses for teachers in school, college or university

The manual consists of seven modules which students can download weekly. There are skype tutorials after week two, four and seven, and online conference classrooms at the end of weeks two, five and six. Students submit written assignments for marking in order to receive a course certificate.


Each module consists of two, three or four units. Each unit is divided into chapters.

Each module is designed to take an efficient and busy person 5.5 hours to complete, not including homework. Some chapters are long, others are short. The size of each chapter depends on how much information you need about the subject. 


This is a manual, not a book. If you think about the contents in a manual for a car, then the section about the engine would be very large but the part about the door might be quite small by comparison. So it is with our teaching manual.


Certification of completion with grades



Class size groups from 5 – 100 

Availability - All year.

Who is it for?

You are a university or college seeking to provide careers opportunities for aspiring



You are an education institution seeking to raise the standards of English as a second 

language teaching amongst your staff


You are an organisation concerned with training teachers and teaching assistants



You are an ambitious graduate native speaker of English aspiring to teach abroad


You are a fluent speaker of English wishing to join the most important profession in 

the world!

Complies with the following standards: Standards for Short-Term TEFL/TESL Certificate Programs


Cambridge English Teaching Framework

What is in it?
Teacher's Toolkit

The Teacher’s Toolkit is a complimentary document which provides hundreds of lesson ideas and suggestions for professional practice. 

It has contributions from over 20 experienced teachers and linguists from all over the world and is there to inspire beginning teachers and give them the best possible start in the early stages of their careers.

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